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This months featured project is a high end custom residential environment that includes a swimming pool, built-kitchen, and large fire pit area. 

The pool is the first area to be addressed. The design has changed since the original inception. It began as a large waterfall grotto with waterslide and side cascades. In speaking with the homeowners, we quickly realized he was looking for something out of the ordinary. With his career being in the lighting industry, he wanted to include something that he could showcase one of the many possibilities for his product. We came up with the idea of having a giant skull waterfeature along side of the cave grotto. The eyes and mouth will both house his led lighting which will glow red. The combination of the lighting and water coming from the mouth will be something that is almost never seen in a residential setting.
The built-in kitchen/entertainment area will be next. It will include top of the line grill & appliance units and custom concrete counter top.
The final area that we will have a hand in building will be the fire pit and circular bench made out of custom concrete top. This bench top will have "glow stone" aggregate in the mix. After being in the sun all day, these aggregate stones will glow giving this area an almost celestial feel at night.
Obviously, these homeowners were loking for a design that they could really feel was out of the ordinary. We really feel we have accomplished a design that included elements that will be very unique.

Themed Outdoor Kitchen Demo at The 2010 World of Concrete Show in Las Vegas!!!

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In the April 2010 Issue:
An interview with Mike Meredith reguarding this project will be in a featured article 
"The Complete Concrete Contractor" 
in the February 2011 issue of Concrete Decor Magazine.
This project was part of a room remodel on an existing house in Las Vegas, that was done in September/October of 2010. These customers wanted an area to entertain. They started with the request for a large bar that could be a conversation piece. The countertop was created off site and installed prior to the floor being done. The floor design was a direct correlation to the countertop design. The customer did not want carpet in this area anymore, so that is how this all began. They wanted something very unique. There were a lot of labor hours prepping the existing concrete (grinding, polishing, grinding, polishing some more) to be ready for the design treatment that I did.  Once it was ready, it took several days (stretched over a couple of weeks) to complete. There is a day of laying out the design, then a couple days of staining, followed by days of sealing and buffing. The products need to cure properly between treatments so there is no contamination and disruption in the process. The homeowners are extremely pleased with the end result. 

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