Real vs. Artificial
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People often mistakenly think “real” rock will lend itself to a more “natural/real” finished product, when quite the opposite is true. Real rock creates a “stacked” look which ends up looking ironically “artificial”. In nature, rocks are naturally fragmented and broken up. Our artisans focus on creating a unique environment containing large fissures, strata, pockets, eroded looking formations. Like something you would see at Lake Tahoe for example.  There you would see rock formations along the shoreline.  Not individually placed boulders side by side.  There are certain situations where real rock lends itself well. These are usually smaller designs such as ponds.

In the use of artificial or faux rock work, you have infinite flexibility to create a custom environment that looks as if it was placed there originally and then the pool was built around it.

It is a unique way to create realistic rock formations that would even fool Mother Nature, if done by a true artisan.

“Great carving is not just about the man himself, but the men and tools around him”.

A growing trend in the landscape and water features business is the use of GFRC. Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete.   GFRC is pre-cast, Portland cement based composite with alkali-resistant glass fibers that are dispersed in a specialty mix, which is then is sprayed into molds of actual boulders and rock formations to accurately replicate the look and feel of real rock. The fibers serve a purpose similar to the reinforcing steel in reinforced concrete and combined with cement and fine aggregates for less mass and substantially lower weight without sacrificing strength. This is a more cost effective alternative to hand carving or sourcing and installing natural rock. Far superior than the fake rock of years ago, GFRC panels offer greater design flexibility than even natural stone. Creating more impressive realistic backyard waterfeatures to meet the sophisticated landscaping and swimming pool design expectations of today’s discerning homeowners.

Arizona Falls in Las Vegas is your best source for all types of rockwork. We have the ability to use all forms and create a design that is totally unique to each customers desires. The following is an explaination that will take you, the customer, through the various options available so you can make the selection that fits your vision. You may also contact us if you have any furture questions in our "ask the expert" box.