Things to Consider
When selecting a Contractor/Artisan, you should NEVER select based on price alone. There are other important factors to consider. First and foremost, is the contractor licensed and insured in the state in which the work will be done?* Make sure to see actual work that he has done, not just photographs. Remember that this will be a permanent feature that is intended for many years of enjoyment. There may be someone out there that will have a lower bid. This usually is accompanied with low quality workmanship, low qualifications, and little or no licensing or insurance. The old adage of “You get what you pay for” is very true. If you shop by price alone, you will inevitably “Pay” even more in the end.

The bottom line…Do your homework and know what you are getting for your money!!!

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Why choose Arizona Falls?

One reason is that over the years we have formulated our own custom concrete blend mix. With this, we are able to offer "Lifetime Warranty" on any structural cracks.

Many of our competitors use substandard mixes that lead to severe structural cracking over time. We know this because, WE are then called in to demo and reconstruct their water feature to our higher standard. Which in the end is an  added expense for the owner.
Patch and repaint in this case is not the best solution. That would only be a bandaid. For long term repair, reframe and retexture is the best way to go.
This is a competitors job that we were hired to repair